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April 2021

5 ways to become a more savvy investor

By | Investment Planning

How do you get higher investment returns and grow your wealth? This is usually the motivation behind wanting to become a better investor. Yet people have different understandings about what investing is, and how to do it successfully. Here at WMM, our team in Oxford offers their thoughts on what defines investing – and how to invest effectively.

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A short guide to better money management

By | Financial Planning

You have your monthly spending and bills. Birthday and Christmas gifts. One-off, unexpected costs (e.g. a broken boiler). Pension contributions. Holidays. Rare, big purchases like a new car. Savings and investments. The list goes on. Money management is difficult, to say the least. Yet doing it well is certainly possible. Here at WMM, in light of the financial hardships many people have experienced with COVID-19, we wanted to offer this 2021 guide below.

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How good are final salary pensions?

By | Pensions

There are many types of UK pension – with final salary pensions often referred to as “gold plated” ones. Also sometimes called defined benefit pensions, final salary pensions pay you a lifetime, guaranteed income in retirement – similar to a state pension.

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