Wealth Management

Comprehensive, high-level wealth preservation and growth solutions with a single point of call

Are you looking to enhance your financial position through better management of your wealth?

For those with complex finances and estates, it is often not enough to just speak to a financial adviser about one area of your financial life, such as your pension. A whole range of services are typically needed together.

At WMM, we can assist individuals and families to maximise and preserve their wealth. This may include working in partnership with you and specialist services to cover areas such as:

  • Accounting and tax planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Business & succession planning
  • Estate and inheritance tax planning
  • Investment advice and management

At WMM, we bring these services all under one roof, giving you simplicity through one point of call. Speak to us today, to discuss how we can help set your wealth on a path of greater security, growth and peace of mind.

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Financial Planning

Lay stepping stones for greater financial peace and independence, for you and your family

Do you want you and your loved ones to be financially successful, whatever life throws at you?

Many people stumble through life financially. Yet life is so much better when you have a solid financial plan, moving you towards a set of exciting goals, just in case things go wrong down the line.

At WMM, our comprehensive financial planning service helps you set a strong financial foundation for the future. For instance, these include:

  • Plans for your childrens future
  • Protecting your loved ones in the event of financial crisis
  • Making work optional as soon as possible
  • Dealing with an inheritance or windfall

Get in touch for a free, friendly phone consultation with us here at WMM.

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Go beyond saving by owning and flourishing from a strategic, diversified portfolio

Do you want your money to work for you and grow over time, providing a sizeable return?

With interest rates on savings accounts so low these days, a high equities investment portfolio offers investors a sensible and efficient way to build their assets over the long term.

At WMM, we offer value by helping you identify the right mix of investments, appropriate for your risk tolerance and financial goals.

We can also help you save money by helping you avoid funds with expensive management fees, and reduce your exposure to investment risk by strategically diversifying your portfolio across a range of asset type and classes.

To speak with us, give us a call or fill out our contact form to discuss how your money could be put to better use through a personal investment strategy.

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Tax Planning

We can help you keep more of what you earn and deserve for you and your family

Are you putting excessive money into the tax system, rather than towards your family’s future?

Many people unfortunately are, especially those with complex financial affairs. At WMM, we do not believe in aggressive tax planning but we will help you explore ways to reduce unnecessary tax payments, allowing you and your family to benefit.

You should not pay more tax than you have to.

The main areas of tax planning which we can help you to optimise, are Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax. Get in touch to speak with us today.

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Inheritance Tax

Planning ahead ensures you can leave as much as possible for your loved ones rather than the tax man. Careful planning avoids many potential IHT traps

Our planning will create a more meaningful legacy for you and your loved ones. This can be through affordable lifetime gifting or efficient methods to mitigate the 40% IHT liability on death

Inheritance tax is a complex area for people to navigate, and the laws often change. Working with WMM will help you identify and move plans to reduce your tax liability.

We can then help you ascertain your most effective options for passing on your wealth.

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Pensions and Retirement

The most content people appreciate financial independence above all else

The end of your working life should be the beginning of the rest of your life. Partner with us to make your work optional as soon as possible
Put simply the questions most people want to know the answer to when it comes to Pensions and Retirement are:

  • How much money will we need in retirement?
  • How will we ensure we have enough?
  • Will we be ok?

Fortunately, with our careful forward planning to help you, this is entirely possible. At WMM, we can help you navigate the complex world of pensions with a plan to secure your future years.

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