Pension options for over-55s retiring within 12 years

By October 20, 2020Pensions

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Coronavirus has been a particularly stressful time for those looking to retire in the next 10-12 years. Many pensions have lost value since December 2019 as stock markets (which pensions tend to be heavily invested in) have taken a hit from the pandemic, lockdown and the resulting change in consumer behaviour and levels of concern.

Fortunately, equities have been steadily rising again across the developed world since the first quarter of 2020. The other good news is that there is still plenty of time to prepare for retirement for those who may be looking to finish work within 12 years. Below, our Oxford-based financial planning team here at WMM offers a handful of pension options for over-55s. Make sure you seek professional advice before acting on any of the below.


Leave your pension(s) invested

In 2020-21 the UK’s pension rules allow you to start taking money from a defined contribution pension once you reach age 55. You can withdraw up to 25% tax-free, for instance. However, just because you have this choice does not mean you should take it. You could leave the fund invested, allowing it to grow further so that you can enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle when you do eventually retire. However, it may be worth speaking to your financial planner about whether you could invest in lower-cost, better-performing funds to increase your real returns. It can also be wise to re-evaluate your contributions. Increasing them, for instance, could result in more money saved in retirement – allowing your pension(s) to stretch further.


Buy an annuity

In light of the pandemic, many people are attracted to an annuity. This is because it can provide a guaranteed, inflation-linked income throughout retirement. Some will be attracted to the financial stability and predictability this offers. Yet it’s important to consider that you may not get as much future monthly income from an annuity compared to income drawdown. In 2020, moreover, annuity companies have been affected by the pandemic. It may be wise, therefore, to consider ways to spread out your pension risk.


Take everything out at once

Of course, you may be tempted to empty your pension from the age of 55. Yet most financial planners would caution against this, since it’s likely to result in you not having enough money later in retirement. There are only specific circumstances in which this may be wise – e.g. if you have been diagnosed with an illness certain to result in death within the next 12 months.


Transfer your pension(s)

Pensions come in different shapes, types and sizes. Some involve building a pension pot over time with your employer, for instance (i.e. a workplace defined contribution pension). Others, such as final salary pensions, grant you an income in retirement from your employer based on criteria such as your years of service and salary in employment. There are advantages and also disadvantages to each of these pensions, so it may make sense to transfer from the latter to the former in certain cases (e.g. if you want to leave your pension as an inheritance one day). Bear in mind, however, that this is a big decision that cannot be reversed once made. You can also only move from a final salary pension to a defined contribution scheme – not vice versa.



There are many other options available for over-55s who are thinking about retiring within the next 12 years or so. Above, we’ve outlined an overview of just some of the possible options. The important thing to remember is that your decision(s) regarding your pension is likely to have significant repercussions on when you retire, and what that retirement will look like. As such, it’s always worth considering professional advice to make sure you make the best decision.

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