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October 2021

Preparing for life’s unpredictability

By | Financial Planning

Life is unpredictable. You cannot fully anticipate what will happen in the next hour, let alone tomorrow or in the coming years. This can make life exciting and interesting; an unknown adventure to experience. Yet it also brings dangers such as crippling injury, personal loss or early death. Whilst you cannot shield yourself from tragedy, there is much you can do to lower the financial impact. In this article, our financial planning team at WMM lists some common tragedies that can afflict people and what you can do to preserve financial stability.

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How to be a good “Bank of Mum and Dad”

By | Money Tips

Those of us with children may have already faced the difficult situation where your child asks for money. Should you give it to them? If so, how much and under what conditions? Should you ask for the money to be repaid? These are difficult questions. Not only do they potentially impact a financial plan, but they can also influence your child’s character regarding money as they grow up. In this guide, our financial planning team at WMM offers some thoughts on how to be a good “Bank of Mum and Dad” in 2021. We hope you find this content useful.

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Your pension after death: what happens?

By | Pensions

What happens to your pension when you die? The rules about this were changed in 2015 under the Pension Freedoms. The good news is, your pensions are not usually considered to be part of your estate when you die – which means they are not subject to inheritance tax (IHT). Your surviving spouse or civil partner may also be able to access them, in certain circumstances. However, the rules depend on a range of factors including the type of pension in question and your age upon death. In this post, our team at WMM outlines how the rules work for different types of pension when someone dies.

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